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“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.” ~Buddha

Although kindness is encouraged by every major religion and is recognized as a value in many cultures, sometimes it’s hard to be kind. We all know it. In fact, at some points in our life, it feels easier to be unkind – especially when we’re not in a great place and we feel like the world is working against us. If our self-esteem is a bit shaky, or if we want to be perceived as strong
by others, then sometimes we act unkindly towards people.

resBut – underneath – we are all vulnerable. Suvan Foundation (The Destroyer Of Darkness) aims at helping the society in every possible way! What goes around comes around! Research has shown that being kind to others increases our own levels of happiness as well as theirs. What’s more, it has a knock-on effect – kindness is contagious, so it makes a bigger impact on our surroundings than we might think.

So, let’s swot up on kindness and see how we can be kind to ourselves and be kind to others!